Applying for a KidSport voucher

Eligibility criteria checks.
Parents/guardians acknowledge that the particulars of their child’s application for a KidSport voucher will be verified by the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries (DLGSC) as part of the eligibility assessment, and that their application may be declined during the verification process if the child is found not to meet the eligibility criteria contained in the KidSport Voucher Program Policy and Guidelines

Demographic questions.
During the application process, parents/guardians will be asked a series of demographic questions. Responses to these questions will be used by DLGSC for the purposes of evaluating the KidSport Voucher Program and will not affect the outcome of the application for a voucher.

Child safety and wellbeing codes of conduct and policies.
In submitting an application for a KidSport voucher to help facilitate a child’s participation with a KidSport Club, parents/guardians are confirming to the West Australian Government that they have read and understood the KidSport Club’s code of conduct, member protection policy and child safe standards, as well as any other safety procedures or policies relevant to ensuring child safety and wellbeing at the KidSport Club, to the extent that they exist.

Limitation of liability.
Parents/guardians acknowledge that, to the maximum extent permitted by law, the West Australian Government will not be held responsible or liable for any loss or damage to person or property, or any indirect or consequential loss, arising from a child’s participation in a sport or recreation activity at KidSport Club.

KidSport Clubs

A KidSport Club’s participation in the KidSport Voucher Program does not mean that it has been endorsed or recommended by DLGSC, nor does this indicate or represent that the KidSport Club will receive, a particular amount of, or any, funding under the KidSport Voucher Program.

DLGSC is the final decision-making authority for determining if an activity provider meets and continues to meet the mandatory criteria to become and remain an approved KidSport Club.

KidSport Clubs must appropriately handle all personal information provided by DLGSC in relation to the KidSport program, in accordance with all applicable privacy laws.

Confidentiality and privacy of information

DLGSC is committed to maintaining data security and privacy for our participants.

Information provided by applicants in the application forms will be used by DLGSC and/or the appropriate local government to complete the assessment of any submitted KidSport Vouchers Program applications. The appropriate local government (under contract with DLGSC) will assess their residents’ applications, based on the residential address provided by the parent/guardian in the application form.

Information required of the applicant in the application form includes: the child’s name, date of birth, and requested voucher amount. This information will be shared with the KidSport Club nominated by the parent/guardian in the application form. Personal contact information such as email, phone number and address will not be provided to the KidSport Club.

Parents/guardians acknowledge that DLGSC may use or disclose personal information contained in their applications, in accordance with DLGSC’s Privacy Policy and where required by or under a law of Western Australia.

Personal information will be dealt with in accordance with the applicable legislation in Western Australia and consistent with any legal obligation.

Conflict of interest

During voucher assessment, all assessors are required to identify any conflict of interest that may exists between the assessor and the named child, parent/guardian or KidSport Club. Where a conflict is identified the voucher application will be referred to an alternate approved assessor for assessment.

During assessment of a family for KidSport Special Considerations eligibility, KidSport Support Agents are required to identify any conflict of interest that may exist between themselves and the named child, parent/guardian or KidSport Club nominated on the application. Where a conflict of interest is identified, the KidSport Support Agent must cease to act for the child, parent or guardian in question. 

Audit and compliance

DLGSC reserves the right, at its discretion, to verify any information that is provided by an applicant as part of the KidSport Voucher Program.

Local government and KidSport Clubs are required to allow DLGSC to have access to, and examine, the KidSport Club’s records and information concerning the KidSport Voucher Program.

Right of Variation

DLGSC reserves the right to vary these Terms and Conditions and the Kidsport Voucher Program’s Policy and Guidelines, in its sole and absolute discretion, and without notice, including to amend the timeframe during which any KidSport voucher can be issued and/or to close the KidSport Voucher Program.

DLGSC Audit.
The DLGSC KidSport team conducts regular audits of the KidSport Voucher Program in the interests of compliance and best practice. Where an applicant is found to have provided false or misleading information to DLGSC in its application for a KidSport voucher, the parent/guardian and child may be excluded from current and/or future voucher rounds. Where a KidSport Club is found to have provided false or misleading information, breached these Terms and Conditions or not observed the KidSport Policy and Guidelines, the organisation may be issued with a warning or excluded from the program.